AWVS Committees

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee’s mission is to develop and implement opportunities for women veterinary surgeons to acquire skills that will empower them to reach their full personal and professional potential. The Committee will achieve this goal by fostering mentor/mentee relationships and creating avenues for women veterinary surgeons to exchange best practices and coaching opportunities for career and personal growth.

Celine Bourzac


Assistant Professor, Ecole Nationale Veterinaire Alfort, France

Katy Townsend


Associate Professor, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA

Mélanie Perrier


Lecturer in Equine Soft Tissue Surgery, Royal
Veterinary College, London, UK

Kahrma Wagner


Small Animal Surgeon at Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice in Roswell, Georgia, USA

Dominique Griffon


Professor, Small Animal Surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences

Research Committee

The goals of the AWVS research committee are currently two pronged: the first aimed at providing a framework for collaborative research studies, and the 2nd providing assistance/mentoring (upon request) with research project development, input on a grant pre-proposal or similar.

Research Aims:

Our starting aim is to provide a platform for collaborative research. Our hopes are that this would increase case numbers of both retrospective and prospective studies. If adequate funding is available for funded studies through AWVS, a grant competition will be announced.

Research collaboration can be prospective or retrospective. Investigative areas are not restricted, and can include: surgery, general veterinary medicine research, gender-associated investigations, mental health topics.


We can provide a platform to facilitate multi-institutional, collaborative research on a variety (or broad scope of subjects). If you are a member, please fill out the Collaborative Research and AWVS Sponsored Studies form or contact the Research chair with any questions.


If you are a member and would like to post a retrospective study for case recruitment please fill out the Collaborative Research & AWVS Sponsored Studies form or contact the Research chair. If you would like to contribute cases to a retrospective study listed below please contact the PI listed with the study or the Research Chair.


The main goal for the Research committee regarding mentorship is to provide assistance during design of research projects or grants and could include feedback and advice on methodology, writing and external educational resources. The committee members will not provide statistical analysis or take the place of institutional support systems.

Marije Risselada


Research committee membership: 3-5 members on a rotating basis, with individual help on a case-by-case basis also welcomed. If you are interested in participating/serving on the AWVS Research committee, please fill out the form below:

Communications Committee

Have a desire to communicate and bond with your fellow surgeons? Want to help spread the word about all the amazing and not so amazing parts to being a veterinary surgeon? Have research ideas or have you just read an interesting article? The communication committee was formed to help communicate ideas within the membership and to the greater community. Looking for enthusiastic members to help deepen our imprint on the world wide web!

Alexandra Winter


We’re looking for members! If you’re interested, please follow the link below.

CE Committee

The CE committee is looking for members to help plan social and educational events. While COVID-19 has gotten in the way of our yearly get-together at ACVS for the past two years we plan on meeting again soon and with webinars via zoom a regular occurrence, we are planning some incredible lectures and round tables. Help us shape these conversations!

Helia Zamprogna


We’re looking for members! If you’re interested, please follow the link below.